Year 2016 in review


This year as it turns out have been rather eventful in ways that falls out of my expectations. The path of returning back to work have been a lot harder. Coming out of a harsh shock last year, I took pride that I managed to clear one of the harder to pass paper however my enthusiasm was not able to gain much foothold in terms of job hunting suitable positions.

If you asked me if I have had anything worthy to mention is that I think this year I seems to have the maturity to let go of the tendencies to compare status whether single or married and be at peace. Someone I used to know would comment that I have this fixed idea on how life should turn out. However time and experiences can really change a person’s perspective and expectation of how our life should be like. Just like how we and our surrounding are constantly evolving and changing whether we like it or not.

Being located near to the equatorial region, we do not get that much variations to the weather conditions what we usually get are periods of more constantly hot and blazing weather or rainy and wet monsoon seasons. While I usually find stretches of gloomy weather a bit depressing but there was this one rainy afternoon I had unexpectedly spotted rainbow hanging across the sky.

Hope for a better future than yesterday. 🙂



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