Closing off 2015

books-315393_640The latter part of this year I had spent it studying, I hope my effort pays off though I am really uncertain if it will matter for next year in looking for suitable position. That day when I went to take my exam, I spotted ex-classmate or previous acquaintances that I have not seen for quite a number of years.

I have come to note that most of my previous church mates that I used to know by now most of them have moved on to the next phase of their life of having a new born while others whom married in their twenties has a second one or expecting a second one soon. Perhaps for the latter group, the introduction of enhanced Baby Bonus and promotion of SG50 helps?

During the last few months, my mum started to ask me why am I still not married? Coming from my mum it came as another surprise to me as she often worried more about money matters then being concern about whether her daughter can be hitched..


These few years I have gathered that life do not go according to our plans. I can try and take action to achieve the desires I hope for in life but sometimes external environment changed faster than the chance to execute the plans or it can be that hearts changed and people moved on.

But I gather that it is really the external factors to be blamed for my lack of blessings in my life. You just have to pray hard that you are born into the right family or at least be at the right place and at the right time. Else if life falls apart right before your eye, even the people around you will add more injury on you. Perhaps I am being very negative here as I rant. But if you know that life could have been better for you but for some sick reason you have to suffer and in the process becomes a laughing stock for the whole world to see.

I really pray that 2016 can be a breakthrough year for me in various aspects of my life and that I am finally on the right track with more opportunities to come. I pray that the Universe somehow would bless and life becomes better from on and that God have mercy and eyes on us.






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