Madeline The Dachshund Sees A Crab For The First Time And It Is Priceless!

Madeline: ” hey wait, you look interesting with those popping eyes scrambling around, you must play with me.”

crab:” no no…you can’t block me from heading back to the sea.”

Madeline:”woof woof! oh pleases!”

The dog set her attention on her new found friend chasing it left and right back and forth excitedly.

With a few minutes of dodging the dog, crab inched closer to the waves approaching the shore and the second big waves hid crab away from Madeline and carried it out to the embrace of the sea and leaving Madeline looking forlorn on the shore.

crab:” good bye! 2014″


Cute Puppy Love

Madeline The Dachshund saw a crab for the first time. You’d think she would be scared, but you’d be wrong, Madeline immediately thought, yeah, a new friend to play!!!

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